detsember 14, 2017

Professional Use

Individual Café/Bar

Café manufactured by MILO offers many advantages. Firstly, the container is immensely sturdy and durable. Secondly, you do not need a permit for container buildings. If you wish to open the café only during summer months, then it can be transported to storage for the winter. In addition, MILO café can always be relocated to a more lucrative location if necessary.

Our solution has a balcony on top of the café, where customers can sit during warm summer months and also a terrace, which creates even more space.

The terrace can be automatized to move higher or lower.

Let your imagination run wild and let us know about your personal wishes. Together we will find the perfect solution.

Practical and Stylish Retail Kiosk

MILO retail kiosk is a stylish and practical solution, where both the seller and the customer can feel good. Kiosk can be utilised both in summer and winter. The seller can conveniently enter the building from the backdoor and the business happens through the large opening in the front. Container kiosk looks good everywhere it is installed and the best thing is that it can easily be relocated.

Outstanding Office or a Shop

MILO multifunctional office or a shop is another spectacular example of our products in the professional use category. Thanks to the wide range of possibilites in the use of container buildings, we are also able to change the interior architecture of the room. We can install the toilets with preferred design or even fitting rooms if that is the request. Spacious and open interior design and large windows provide the room with plenty of light and warmth.


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